Tamerian Empire

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Tamerian Empire
Tamerian Empire banner
Nickname(s) The Lazy Giant
Ruler King Orwen Leybrandt II
Formation 684 AL
Government Absolute Monarchy
Economy Feudal
Currency Sterling
Capital Esterien City
Language Free Tongue
Demonym Tamerian, Bluehearts (informal)
Religion Children of Symmetry
Population Massive (Rank 1)
Ethnicity 81% Human, 7% Dwarf, 6% Shrubant, 6% Other
Regions Northern Highlands, Imperial Tameria, Corileigh’s Rest, Death’s Curtain (partial)

Tameria is a vast and populous empire located centrally on Edelheim, controlling many natural resources and important strategic resources such as the Magister’s Tower. It’s considered the dominant power on the continent and was founded formally in 684 AL by King Edvard Leybrandt I after the Conquest of Karstac.

Table of Contents

  1. History
  2. Geography


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